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Shop brand new Ed Brown 1911 handguns online. Ed Brown guns are backed by a respected handgun legacy established and maintained through a family-run business. All the Ed Brown guns are made with an exclusive forged frame and slide, and these components are hand-fitted to stand up to wear. The frame and slide are also hand-polished to remove any tool marks. If you’re serious about performance, the Special Forces pistols by Ed Brown bring you manufacturing and engineering to exacting standards, as well as the precision fitting that’s made the company famous. The Special Forces line faces the elements bravely with exceptional wear and rust resistance. The 5-inch government style with three-dot night sights is a full-size gun that goes the distance dependably. For a higher level of accuracy, every Ed Brown handgun includes a premium match grade barrel and solid steel bushing. We ship free to your preferred FFL address. Buy the Ed Brown Kobra Carry for sale online.

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Kobra Carry

The Kobra Carry is a perfect choice for those who prefer a smaller model 1911, but insist on complete reliability. The slide has been reduced to the minimum possible (4.25″) without significantly impairing the legendary reliability of the 5″ slide. The frame has been modified with the innovative Ed Brown Bobtail® housing which reduces the projecting butt of the mainspring housing without sacrificing the full size frame and magazine capacity. The Bobtail® minimizes the print under your jacket when carrying and reduces weight. The functional simplicity has yet to be matched. Unique with the Carry series pistols is the innovative snakeskin treatment. It is a directional pattern, meaning it is smooth to slide your hand up, but bites in for a snug grip the other way where you need it. It’s easier on the hands than checkering, and those who handle it can’t stop bragging about it. Not to mention it just looks cool! The Kobra Carry is an innovative masterpiece, and a serious tool for those who want something a little different. We are sure you’ll be charmed by the Kobra Carry!

KC18 6


The year 2018 marked our 50th year in business, and the second generation family leadership continues to evolve the 1911 with the release of the first model of the EVO series, the KC9. Optimized for 9mm, smaller, thinner, and lighter than the Kobra Carry, the KC9 was an instant best-seller. All of the Ed Brown quality we are known for, in a modern evolved 1911 platform, with a ground-breaking price tag, which shocked the custom gun industry. Our investments in technology, state-of-the-art equipment, complete vertical integration, a full line of 1911 parts of our own design, and 50 years of accumulated knowledge and expertise have made it possible.

We have bench-marked our business processes and customer service against the best companies in the world, and evolved our methods into the most efficient customer system in the industry. Our customers can now contact us 24/7 with any question or issue, and be instantly routed to the proper channel for the speediest resolution possible by a subject expert. Our custom build page allows the customer to spec out a custom gun and get fully educated on more than 100 options in the process, and then get a final exact price, and delivery estimate, in real time, and even place the order automatically if they choose. We also made the conversion to a LIVE online inventory system that always shows inventory levels in real time. Even though we are the ONLY custom gun company to offer a written warranty, we figured out how to top that by adding a Risk-free online purchase policy, a Trade-up program for your old firearm, and a Basic Service Package to make it easier than ever to return your firearm to the factory for service or retro options.